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Robert “Pnut” Johnson

Born in Baltimore in 1947, P-Nut started on the road with Bootsy’s Rubber Band and in the studio with P-Funk in 1976. When Bootsy stopped touring […]

Gary Hudgins

Baltimore born and bred, Gary Hudgins has played keyboards professionally for over 30 years. As a self taught musician, Gary’s skills and outgoing personality has carried […]

Tyrone Lampkin

  Drummer and percussionist for the funk bands Parliament – Funkadelic beginning in June of 1972 (“America Eats It’s Young” album) after replacing Frank Waddy

Pat Lewis

Pat Lewis was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1951. In the early 60s, Pat, her sister Dianne, and two friends (Betty […]

Ray Monette

Barry Chenault

Joel “Razorsharp” Johnson

Lashonda “Sativa Diva” Clinton

The P-Funk Family