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Greg Thomas

Greg is a musician whose talent is deeply rooted in African American culture. Throughout the years he has learned how to perform all types of music […]

Randy Skinner

Randy T. Skinner is a former trumpeter with George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. His formal training in music took place at Shaw University in Raleigh, North […]

Sheila Horne

Sheila Horne was hired as a back-up singer for original Brides Lynn Mabry and Dawn Silva in 1978. She became a main singer with Silva and […]

Garrett Shider

Harry Green (Garrett Shider) is an artist that likes to push the envelope. A great lyricist, singer, and guitarist, Harry Green’s talents are pretty much second […]

Richie “shakin” Nagan

Richie Shakin Nagan is a percussionist, guitarist, and vocalist. He leads the band “Who Knows?” out of New York City. You never quite know who will […]

Diem Jones

Click|keyword[George+Clinton]”>George Clinton and his musical collectives, Parliament and Funkadelic. Responsible for masterminding much of the bands’ outlandish stage shows, cartoonish costumes, and overall visual packaging, Jones was […]

Raymond “Sting Ray” Davis

Raymond “Sting Ray” Davis (March 29, 1940 – July 5, 2005) Sting Ray Davis was the original bass singer and one of the founding members of […]

Tairee Parks (Thurteen)

The P-Funk Family