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Larry Hatcher

Gabe Gonzalez

Gabriel Gonzalez was born on February 17 in New York City. A year later moved back to Detroit with his family where he grew up in […]

Gene “poo poo man” Anderson

William “Billy Bass” Nelson

Billy was born in Plainfield, New Jersey and as a teenager worked at George Clinton’s barbershop, sweeping the floor and singing and dancing for the customers. […]

Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton

Hampton started his professional career when he was recruited as a seventeen-year-old guitar prodigy by Funkadelic, which found itself in need of a lead guitarist after […]

Robert “Pnut” Johnson

Born in Baltimore in 1947, P-Nut started on the road with Bootsy’s Rubber Band and in the studio with P-Funk in 1976. When Bootsy stopped touring […]

Daniel “Danny” Bedrossian

Daniel Peter Bedrosian was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the third child of concert level classical pianists Peter & Jeanne Bedrosian. His parents were both music majors, […]

John Brumbach

The P-Funk Family