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Harold Beane

Harold Beane is an american Funk Guitarist who worked for 15 years with Funkadelic during the recording of America Eats its young. He wrote, sang, and guitared […]

Tiki Fulwood

Tiki Fulwood (23 May 1944 – 29 October 1979 )   Tiki Fulwood was the housedrummer in Philadelphia’s Uptwown Theater in 1968 when he was noticed by Funkadelic bass […]

Muruga Booker

Through the 1960s, as Steve Booker, Muruga recorded with Jim and Jean on “Changes” in 1964, and on “People World” in 1966. He appeared on the […]

Garrett Shider

Harry Green (Garrett Shider) is an artist that likes to push the envelope. A great lyricist, singer, and guitarist, Harry Green’s talents are pretty much second […]

Clayton “Chicken” Gunnells

Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey

Brailey started performing around 1968 with the R&B group The Unifics continuing with The Five Stairsteps and The Chambers Brothers. Jerome played on the original studio […]

Tracey “Trey Lewd” Lewis

Cordell “Boogie” Mosson

Cordell “Boggie” Mosson (October 16, 1952 – April 18, 2013) Cordell “Boogie” Mosson (official name: Cardell Mosson[1]) was born October 16, 1952. A good friend of […]

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