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Richard “Kush” Griffith

Richard “Kush” Griffith; to friends and fans, many know him simply as Kush. He played trumpet and arranged and recorded for a roster of artists including […]

Dawn Silva

A funk diva of epic proportions, Sacramento, CA-born Dawn Silva’s musical voyage began far from her association with George Clinton’s P-Funk empire, singing songs in the […]

Tonysha Nelson

Patavian Lewis

Bennie Cowan

Born in Baltimore in 1956, Bennie has performed with P-Funk for a “very long” time. Other bands are “too many to list.” He is recognizable on […]

Maceo Parker

Maceo Parker: his name is synonymous with Funky Music, his pedigree impeccable; his band: the tightest little funk orchestra on earth. It’s fairly common knowledge that […]

Kendra Foster

Kendra Foster was born in Tallahassee, FL where she decided to attend college at Florida A&M University. Like many, she started singing in church, but her […]

Harold Beane

Harold Beane is an american Funk Guitarist who worked for 15 years with Funkadelic during the recording of America Eats its young. He wrote, sang, and guitared […]

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