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Larry Hatcher

Eric Mc Fadden

A virtuoso of the six-string, Eric McFadden has been amazing audiences internationally for years. His command of so many genres is accentuated with meticulously crafted songs […]

Bennie Cowan

Born in Baltimore in 1956, Bennie has performed with P-Funk for a “very long” time. Other bands are “too many to list.” He is recognizable on […]

Richard Boyce

Maceo Parker

Maceo Parker: his name is synonymous with Funky Music, his pedigree impeccable; his band: the tightest little funk orchestra on earth. It’s fairly common knowledge that […]

Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn

Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn is an American Bassist, best known for his work with The Brides of Dr. Funkenstein, produced by George Clinton. A Haliwa-Saponi Native American […]

Chris “Citrus” Sauthoff

Chris “Citrus” Sauthoff began playing the violin in the fourth grade, quickly taking control of the instrument to become the first-chair violinist in his grammar, as […]

Eddie Hazel

Edward Earl Hazel (April 10, 1950 – December 23, 1992)While there have been more technically flashy players in the ranks of the P-Funk guitar army, Eddie […]

The P-Funk Family