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Ronald “Stozo” Edwards

Ronald Stozo The Clown Edwards has been known to be a cartoonist & class clown since the 2nd grade in elementary school.He is also famous for his art covers 4 many Rock and Roll Hall of family honories such as George Cliton ,Parliament-Funkadelic,members of Sly & The Family Stone ,James Brown and many others.

Stozo The Clown is also a music producer and entertainer performing and producing with some of the top names in the history of music.

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  1. I was watching the 2005 doc. on Parliament Funkadelic this morning and there you were at 25:20 relating some background on Chocolate City. “Who knows if there will ever be a black President; but it seemed so real at the time”. Who knew then it was just around the corner. Do you ever think about that?

    Anyway, I’m into art and into the history of the Funk and it feels like a whole door I never knew was even there just opened. Thanks for being you.


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