Ron kat spearman
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Ron “Kat” Spearman

RonKat Spearman is a grammy nominated, bmi songwriter award winning, multi-platinum songwriter. RonKat has been guitar, bass and vocalist for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic for ten years. Katdelic has been his off the road project for the past few years but as of 2010 (with George Clinton’s Blessing) he has devoted all of his time and work to KATDELIC and the band is a Bay Area Favorite and playing to full audiences.

RonKat has a solid background, songwriting and musicianship and his band of excellent musicians who comprise KATDELIC. These musicians are some of the Bay Area’s finest artists who have been in Digital Underground, The Monophonics, Crown City Rockers, Orixa, and The Broun Fellinis.


  1. Ronald when you folks coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan?? We miss ya.

  2. Hey ron it’s been a while since days of south high me and your dad also use to hunt and fish Lester will be missed jusr stop to say hey keep doing it big brah


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