Robert “Pnut” Johnson

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Michael “Clip” Payne
August 17, 2012
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Dennis Chambers
August 18, 2012

Robert “Pnut” Johnson

robert pnut johnson

robert pnut johnson

Born in Baltimore in 1947, P-Nut started on the road with Bootsy’s Rubber Band and in the studio with P-Funk in 1976. When Bootsy stopped touring in 1979, P-Nut segued to P-Funk. Prior to joining Bootsy’s Rubber Band and P-Funk, P-Nut played with local bands in the Baltimore area


  1. JenniGirl says:

    Hey P Nut!! I met you years ago in Newmarket, Ontario. You guys were playing a show down in Toronto maybe it was at Canada’s Wonderland even. Pretty sure this would have been back in 1997 and you told me to come to your show you would get me in but I never made it 🙁 I remember you called me one time after that, you must have been in Toronto again. Was just sitting on twitter and was reminded of you 🙂

  2. Goose's wife says:

    Peace and blessing P-Nut. Before going on stage at Norva in Norfolk I’d say around 2000 you stood against the wall with my husband, Goose, and had everyday conversation. Kindred souls. I am a pure PFunk fan and that memory will last me as long as I can continue to have a good mind of memory. Thank you.

  3. Joe ( the original Joe ) says:

    Madhouse, Chocolate Rain and The Wonders of Ju Ju was the Doo Doo back then

  4. jj says:

    P nut lol I love ya baba I look up to u a lot I am only 20 but I saw a video of u with bootsy band and I was like wow lol. U r a awesome singer 😀 forever a proud funkateer love and peace to ya baba

  5. Bushtales says:

    Rest in Funk Robert P-Nut Johnson March 11 2017 🙁

  6. Bbob says:

    RIP to the great songwriter and front ground vocalist. May be the most consistent P-Funker ever. He was ALWAYS around.

  7. Paiment says:

    His passing means a lot to me. I called P-Nut my friend. I have spent time with him all over the country, We would laugh, joke, and tell old stories. We also partied hard. He will be missed.

    The last time I was with him was in SC. After the show, we went back to his room and cut the fool all night. I forgot I had to go to work in the morning. (Called in Sick). We parted ways that next morning and I had plans to see him again next month in Charlotte. I wanted him to see my new invention : . He would have loved it.

    I will always remember St. Patrick’s Day. The day we lost one of the truly talented professionals. RIP P-Nut.


  8. James Woods says:

    I’m so sad to hear P-Nut Johnson passed away. I seen him perform countless times with P.Funk. He was so full of life on stage. He was the real OG of funk. He was legendary. I will miss him being on stage with the band. May God bless the Johnson family during this time.

  9. James Woods says:

    He will be truly be missed. He was the real OG of funk. I seen him perform countless times with Parliament/Funkadelic. May god bless the Johnson family during this time.

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