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Linda Shider

The wife of late Garry Shider, Linda Shider sang background on many P-Funk songs as well as toured as a singer with the group. She also wrote a few P-Funk songs including Are You Dreaming? for Parlet on the Pleasure Principle album in 1978. Linda wrote the above track “Desert Flower” as well as a few other “Children of Production” tracks with her husband Garry and Gary Mudbone Cooper,  and she is featured prominently as the lead singer. This project called “Children of Production” recorded in Boulder and Denver, Colorado in 1995 featured Linda Shider as a key member. It was in collaboration with a group called Lord of Word and Disciples of Bass, though the project was never officially released. P-Funk’s Chris Citrus Sauhoff was also a member of this project as he came from Lord of Word. You can hear the full work here at this link.

Children of Production, circa 1995. Garry Shider and Linda Shider, right, followed by Chris “Citrus” Sauthoff, Kelly Cowan, Gary Mudbone Cooper, and 
Geoff Gallegos.

Another Linda Shider penned track with her husband – “Beautiful” ..

Garry Shider – Beautiful 12″ on MCA Records. Co-written by Linda Shider


  1. May god bless you and your family. Gary was the heartbeat and soul of P.Funk.

  2. Songwriter(s): George Clinton, Garry Shider, Linda Brown
    Copyright: Bridgeport Music Publishing
    Lyrics taken from this page
    I would like to know the ballad lyrics that were sung while George stated the principal poem or lyric in the song promentalshitbackwashpsychosis. it is very beautiful and rumored to by Gary singing to Linda….please


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