Watch The Mothership Get Reassembled For Its Museum Debut

NPR Radio interview with George Clinton
March 12, 2014
George Clinton discusses his book in NYC @ Schomburg Center
October 29, 2014

Watch The Mothership Get Reassembled For Its Museum Debut

The Mothership landed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2011 after Kevin Strait, project historian for the museum, acquired it to anchor the museum’s inaugural “Musical Crossroads” exhibition. Under the direction of Bernie Walden, a former stage and lighting designer for Parliament-Funkadelic, the Mothership was recently reassembled and videotaped in all of its galactic glory.

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  1. hoinjsz says:

    We were at themuseums last march (2014)

    Really cool the mothership is on display. Really bad we missed it by a few months. But even withoutvthe Mship these museums are worrh a visit.

    Its the place were it belongs (us cultural history)

    Greetsz from funky europe

  2. kelly says:

    Sth wrong
    Its The Nürnberg link
    Might be comming

  3. mott says:

    so proud! It belongs in history,,,,Great article- i want o go to that opening..keep us posted please! Love you George and Funk Family! xo

  4. Heyward Wornum says:

    Mr. (George) Clinton. Thank you for the ‘P’ for with out it I couldn’t Q,R.S.T.U.V.W.X.Y. or Z…….

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