NPR Radio interview with George Clinton

George Clinton Live from Metropolis Studios
December 20, 2013
Watch The Mothership Get Reassembled For Its Museum Debut
July 3, 2014

NPR Radio interview with George Clinton

National Public Radio Interview with George Clinton.

Main broadcasts are :
WNYC – New York City – 93.9 FM – Sunday March 16 at 6pm
KPCC – Los Angeles – 89.3 FM – Saturday March 15 at 3pm
WNJY – New Jersey – 89.3 FM – Sat March 15 at 10am, Sun March 16 at 6pm
WHYY- Philadelphia – 90.9 FM – Friday March 14 at 9pm
KUHF – Houston 88.7 FM – Thursday March 13 at 8pm
WFSU – Tallahassee 88.9 FM – Sunday March 16 at 9pm



  1. Nick Pelkey says:

    Interview was fantastic. Well put together. Nice way to encapsulate a lot of output and touch on some key periods. Thanks for sharing about how you are doing and giving an update on Sly. If you are ever in Maine and want some free lobster or counseling come find me. How about some honey or maple syrup for them throats?! My office is pretty close to the airport in Bangor, Maine. I’ll be glad to take care of anyone to do with the P.

  2. Flint Funk Alive says:


    You stayed on message, honest, real, and on the one! It’s about NOW! We still believe, everybody’s got a thang!

    Much love!

  3. Benjamin Williams Da Scribbler says:

    Belated Happy Birthday George
    I know . . . it’s on July 22
    I’m late like a mug!
    Sqawk! Nevertheless
    Mutha Funkin’ Happy on dat B-day!!!
    –Benjamin Williams Da Scribbler

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