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Richie “shakin” Nagan

Richie Shakin Nagan is a percussionist, guitarist, and vocalist. He leads the band “Who Knows?” out of New York City. You never quite know who will be in the band with Richie but past band members have ranged from clarinet legend Perry Robinson, avant jazz saxophonist Mark Whitecage, and tabla master Badal Roy the likes of Mike Hampton and Lige Curry from Parliamant Funkadelic to his drum baba Muruga Booker.


  1. It was a honor to meet you in the airport Richie..
    Thanks for giving us the shaking Egg..!

  2. Richie you might not know who I am, but know this.
    President Obama is the 1st Black President Ever.
    Michelle Obama is Our 1st lady, for you to call her a C-nt on a open forum is just plain Wrong. You call yourself a P-Funk man
    But say things that are hurtful and cruel. Please be advised you will be contacted again about your non -filtered behavior.
    Your colleagues should know how you really feel about Our 1st Lady. A simple apology on the page where this instant offense occurred will suffice. Thanks in advance for you attention to this matter. May it also be noted you never know who people know in the Industry.


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