Junie Morrison

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August 17, 2012
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August 17, 2012

Junie Morrison

Junie morrison

Junie morrison

Listen to George Clinton talk about Junie Morrison

Walter “Junie” Morrison is a musician and producer born in Dayton, Ohio.

Morrison was a producer, writer, keyboardist and vocalist for the funk band the Ohio Players in the early 70s, where he wrote and produced their first major hit, “Funky Worm” (1971). He left the band in 1974 to release three solo albums on Westbound Records (When We Do, Freeze, and Suzie Supergroupie).
In 1977 Morrison joined George Clinton’s P-Funk (Parliament-Funkadelic) where he became musical director. He brought a unique sound to P-Funk and played a key role during the time of their greatest popularity from 1978 through 1980. In particular, he made prominent contributions to the platinum-selling Funkadelic album One Nation Under a Groove, the single “(Not Just) Knee Deep” (a #1 hit on the U.S. R&B charts in 1979) and the gold-selling Parliament albums Motor Booty Affair, and Gloryhallastoopid. Morrison also played on and produced some P-Funk material under the pseudonym J.S. Theracon, apparently to avoid contractual difficulties. Morrison is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic.

After his time with Parliament-Funkadelic, he recorded three solo albums in the eighties including 1980’s Bread Alone, 1981’s Junie 5, and 1984’s Evacuate Your Seats.

Morrison produced other artists throughout the 90s and continued to contribute to P-Funk albums, most recently in 1996.

He released a new solo album, When the City, on his own label Juniefunk in 2004.


  1. don thomas says:

    junie in p funk is what motivated me to play funk, that high voice and those swinging bass synth riffs/ leads something about the music
    bootsy on drums junie on bass synth George and the nation on vocals
    enough said o.k.bye

  2. Andre Holder says:

    Please tell me the background vocals on promentalshitbackwashpsychosis enema squad

    • C says:

      I know the main hook is “Love with you has been so lucky to be in”. If you listen carefully, you can make out many of the words. “If I could have loved you each hour” is another lyric.

  3. Cornell Robertson says:

    What ever happen to June morrison he was great with George clinton.

  4. Bushtales says:

    Junie Morrison – Most of all we need the Funk

  5. ken frank says:

    hello junie ,just wondering if I could send you one funkadelic picture to sign for me …..I would send a post paid envelope for the way back….thank you..hope all is well….ken……///

  6. James Woods says:

    We have lost another Funk Icon. I know many people talk about Prince. He was a genius. However, not many musicians can matched the mastery and the brilliance of this man. He put the Ohio Players on the map with (FunkyWorm). He wrote and produced P.Funk biggest hits, Aqua Boogie, One Under a Groove, Theme From the Black Hole, and Knee Deep. To the Morrison family, I did not know him personally however, his spirit on music will live forever. God Bless the Morrsion family and may you all find peace and love during this time. Juni was one of the greatest musicians that ever lived.

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