Rest in Power Cordell Boogie Mosson

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March 23, 2013
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Rest in Power Cordell Boogie Mosson

United Soul’s “I Miss My Baby” – a song led by Garry Shider with Cordell Boogie Mosson. Their first official single together for the Parliament-Funkadelic empire.

We love and will never forget our brother Cordell Boogie Mosson. He passed away April 18th, 2013. Memorial details will be announced soon.

Here is a brief biography we have about Boogie, but it doesn’t express what a joyful friend and family member Boogie is, or any personal stories.

Then following is a tribute by P-Funk keyboardist Danny Bedrosian

Please let us know of your memories in the comments below.

Cordell “Boogie” Mosson (official name: Cardell Mosson) was born October 16, 1952. A good friend of Garry Shider, the two left Plainfield, New Jersey in their teens to go to Canada. They joined a band called United Soul, which came to the attention of George Clinton, who had known Shider as a youth in Plainfield. In 1971 Clinton produced several tracks by United Soul with input from members of Funkadelic. The songs “I Miss My Baby” and “Baby I Owe You Something Good” were released as a one-off single by Westbound Records in 1971 under the group name U.S. Music with Funkadelic. All the tracks recorded with Clinton in 1971 were released by Westbound in 2009 as the album U.S. Music With Funkadelic. After producing United Soul, Clinton then invited Mosson and Shider to join Parliament-Funkadelic. Two United Soul songs were rerecorded on later Funkadelic albums with Mosson as a member.

Mosson was a prominent contributor to albums by both Funkadelic and Parliament from 1972 until the dissolution of the two groups in the early 1980s, and was the featured on-stage bassist for Parliament-Funkadelic after Bootsy Collins went solo. While Collins is more widely remembered as the P-Funk bassist, Mosson’s contributions were arguably as numerous and are well regarded by fans. Mosson also appeared in the movie PCU as himself, in 1994.

His name as spelled on his birth certificate is Cardell Mosson, and “Cordell” is a common misspelling in the notes for most of the Parliament-Funkadelic albums on which he appeared. Mosson is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic.

By Danny Bedrosian:

CORDELL “BOOGIE” MOSSON, the ultimate FUNK theologian, one of P-FUNK’s most pivotal and vital musicians (bass, guitar, drums and vocals), Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, and one of my teachers, has passed away today. We lost more information, lessons, and vast rare funk knowledge today, then most learn in a lifetime. Much like the last of the samurai, the end of the era of the pyramid builders, and the passing of an age, vast sums of knowledge are now lost. For those few of us to have studied under him (Boog’s tenure with P-funk starts in 1971, and his Plainfield NJ roots go back much further, giving him preponderance in the P-Funk histories), we must go on with the knowledge we have been imparted by Boog’s far seeing vision of funk theory. Boog’s knowledge and understanding of Rhythm, the ONE, the Pocket, and the FEEL of P-FUNK, was UNMATCHED. We in Parliament-Funkadelic, wish to send our prayers to Boog’s family, and with extreme sadness, we say our worldly goodbye to our brother, our uncle, our friend, our teacher, our valued, trusted, master of musical expression: CORDELL “BOOGIE” MOSSON (October 16th, 1952 – April 18th, 2013)

by Daniel P. Bedrosian – PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC (keyboardist)


  1. Sully says:

    Thanks for the Funk Boogie, now all my friends that have passed on can funk in Heaven with you. Keep’em Jammin till i get there Bro. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER?

  2. david says:

    May your funk stay with us.
    RIP Sir

  3. Jose Morris-Vega says:

    Funk not only moves it can remove, digg?

  4. Richard Panse says:

    RIP to one of my Super Funky Heroes. Wonderful musician and a wonderful man. You will be missed immensely.

  5. Maurice Tucker says:

    I met Boogie in 1984 at the Armory in Washington DC. Tyrone Brunson, Hot Cold Sweat, Trouble Funk were at the show. He was Just hanging out. I was working for Tiger Flower at the time. He showed me some stuff on the bass that will never forget. I saw him at the 9:30 club in DC. H e said we could get together and he would do some guitar work for my band APO. RIP Boogie, I will miss u bro.

  6. jimmy d says:

    boogie you were a amazing guy the times we hung out with harvey scales rip my brother

  7. Elise Bedrosian says:

    All of us are so deeply saddened about your passing. What a huge loss to us and the world of music. We will miss you. I can just see the funky angels greeting you now. Belita’s wings are probably extra glittery and golden…and I can imagine there is an excited Starchild…
    You will not be forgotten.

  8. Byron Dobson says:

    What are some of the key studio tracks that he recorded with the band?

  9. Sheldon says:

    Rest well Brother Cordell…I was there in Oakland way back in the day….Thank you, Brother Cordell….

  10. md says:

    Boogie, thank you for teaching us what funk is. R.I.P.

  11. Syl says:

    Boogie tought me how to walk on stage. We had a god time. Thank you Boogie. RIP.

  12. Pascal says:

    Our Deepest Condolences to the Mosson and P-Funk Family.

    Boogie told a good friend of mine, Laurence White from Philly, that he would be next after Shider´s dead…. real sad, another big reminder that life is precious.

    Last time i´ve seen Boogie was in Europe 1998, he was proud of his axxe made out ot Space Shuttle Material…. Rest In Peace Little Big Man. … Peace,Love and Respect…. P & Fam

  13. Amos L. Thomas,111 says:

    *C. Boogie* was and “IS” Funkadelic.

  14. poncho says:

    did boogie ever wear the diaper

  15. Funky Taurus says:

    Thank you to all people loving Boogie too. I am crying my eyes off and cannot do anything about it. i heard it early friday night/ morning from shonda\s page. uuuhhh i was in shock without reaction and than i was getting more and more sad. I love Boogie. yes. such a precious person. I could not sleep since than and went to my mamas place, my papa my mama,both know boogie and he is on the last family picture I have from me my mama and my papa with me together. We rode his red car together at the farm and I washed his clothes and he took me with the Jeep during a deep snow storm when I was walking the highway in Brooklyn. He was always sweet . he introduced me to Morris Day in Royal Oak and we had a blessed Funk Show night in Detroit, all these memories stick in my entire being and noone can know how many times I do think of Boogie with a smile. I will never ever forget him and do highly appriciate that I am blessed to have met him and to know such a great person. True eternal LOVE for Boogie Cardell Mosson. from Funky Taurus Boogie knew my real being and I admitt: not many people have access to the real inner me. Boogie is precious and I want to send him all the flowers and roses I can think off

  16. The Raab says:

    Im shocked Boogs live next door to me for 20yr.We were like family on bergen ave in lakewood n.j.His family spent many hours a day in church.Thats’ were boogie learn to play all his instrument i mean countless hours.As years had gone boogie would leave town for a few week at a time and when he would return he would stop over and drop demo tapes & concert ticket off to my sister Audrey (Missy) & Brian myself The Raab known as Mr.Funk.We the Askew Family would like to send ower blessing out to his Wife Dona,Chancey , Muggeye and his Family the Peirce Rhanda,stacy,champ,Juilea

  17. Richie Shakin' Nagan says:

    Boog embraced me with his love from the first time that I met him. I learned so much from him that my brain is still processing what he taught my soul.

    I remember one day backstage Boog and Garry were going at it, jawing at each other as they often did (and as I found out they had been doing since childhood) and they tried to get me involved. I shook my head and said, “I’m out of this, this is some Plainfield shit.” Both of them just busted out laughing.

  18. dwayne wilson says:


  19. lamont snoop thompson says:

    boogie you befiended me and took me into the band i will never be the same. I will always remember you. 1 love.

  20. Keith Bolden says:

    always a friendly brother when I would hang with the P after a show got some fond memories over the many years got a few pictures to remember one of the funkiest brothers I have ever met jam on brother Boogie that band on the Mothership just got funkier

  21. Ylee Boo says:

    Rest in Power Cordell Boogie Mosson!!!

  22. C-funk says:

    RIP my brother you will be missed but not forgotten. Heaven got a heck of a guitaress with a body full of funk, p-funk that is. Sincere condolences to his family, friends, and of course. His Parliament/Funkadelic family. Sincerely yours a lifelong p-funk man

  23. Rick "P-Funk P" West says:

    Boogie was all P-Funk. He was a kind and gentle soul and some of my fondest P-Funk tour memories was being at his house outside of the ATL and breaking bread with him and Mary for a couple of weeks. Boogie was a great msician, but a better friend. He never complained and always quick with a joke and a laugh.

    Boogie, I’ll see you on the other side friend!

    I love you!

    P-Funk P

  24. olaf van amersfoord says:

    rip! my friend

  25. Tino says:

    I hope you’re resting now on Mothership, brother Cordell… The Croatian Funk Mob will never forget you!

  26. KNOWLEDGE says:


  27. James R. Branch says:

    Boogie : One who help made it work and taught others how to.

  28. Roland Grimes says:

    Special member of The Mob. Humble and hard-working. Love you Boog!!

  29. knowledge and zulu says:


  30. Steven "Ray Ray" Jennings says:

    Best memories Boog used to hang with us in DC I was member of a popular group back in the day ,,he’ll come thru the rehearsals and just hang out an jam when we break or play alone with us. Think I may 1st met him at the late Tiki’s Fulwood’s apt in SE DC as a teen guitar player it was a blast to meet him and the late Glen Goins and jam with Tiki he used to have his drums setup in the living room – met them thru a brother named Joe C who was funky drummer. I’ll always remember the funky bass lines he used play when just jamming along you know making funky music from just the drummer starting a beat… may GOD rest your Soul our brother nice meeeting you on our journey on this side – R.I.P. Boogie or as I used to say catch you later man..

  31. GARRY GEDDIS says:


  32. Sharon Chism-- Dallas 6 foota says:

    Rest in peace Boogie!!!! I’m gonna miss you running up to me humping my leg!! LOL For those of you who don’t know I am the 6ft woman who could wear the hell out a 5 in skirt!!!! Ask George.

  33. Dave Dickens says:

    R.I.P. Boogie my the FUNK be with u 4 ever!!!!!!!

  34. Todd Thomas says:

    I will always remember Cordell “Boogie” Mosson. The photo of him playing bass on the P-Funk Earth Tour LP is an indelible image of the pure funk that we love so much. Wow…what a life he must have lived.

    “Swing Down Sweet Chariot”

  35. Rashonda says:

    R.i.paridise Boogie,

  36. Rhonda Bell says:

    Thank you George, I’ve known Boogie since I was 10 and big bro meant the world to me… He love you

  37. The Big Dude From DC With The VICK Jersey says:

    Funk on Boogie Funk on . I Enjoyed talking with you at the 9:30 club in DC when you guys were in town . peace and love to the P Funk Family.

  38. Edsel Brown says:

    God Bless!

  39. jackie gleason says:

    miss you boogie

  40. Jamil A says:

    FLY ON FLY ON!!! My wish is that I will see all members of T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M on the other side when the time comes. P-FUNK is not just music, it is spiritual too. If YOU aint DEEP You aint there! Keep DAT FUNK ALIVE>

  41. Keith "PFunk Perris" Perr says:

    I jammed onstage with Boog at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago in 1972 . Sat and talked with him at a Gary WestSide show. The brother was deep. The brother was funky. He ain’t went nowhere. That bass still thumping in our souls

  42. luke -tru funkateer says:

    I talked to him at the Stamford thing they did a couple years ago ..yo– he was cool as a mutha f—we went and had drinks at the bar around the corner ,,,,me him and Belita Woods ……..Peace My Funk Brother

  43. Bobby McGee says:

    Boogie was my friend,going all the way back to HighSchool@Lakewood,N.J when this funky little brother moved to town from Plainfield N.J. becoming my backyard neighbor @9th St./Lakewood,N.J. He made an impression on me that has lasted from our HighSchool days to right now! I would sneak out my bedroom window w/my guitar & to the Mossons house to learn the Funk from Boogie,& his brothers “KoolPop”&Daniel. Man those were exciting times! Boog may the FUNK be with you as you’ll always will be with me!!!

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