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George Clinton discusses his book in NYC @ Schomburg Center
October 29, 2014
November 26, 2014

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The long-awaited memoir from one of the greatest bandleaders, hit makers, and most influential pop artists of our time—known for over forty R&B hit singles—George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic.

Street Date : October 21, 2014

George Clinton began his musical career in New Jersey, where his obsession with doo-wop and R&B led to a barbershop quartet—literally, as Clinton and his friends also styled hair in the local shop—the way kids often got their musical start in the ’50s. But how many kids like that ended up playing to tens of thousands of rabid fans alongside a diaper-clad guitarist? How many of them commissioned a spaceship and landed it onstage during concerts? How many put their stamp on four decades of pop music, from the mind-expanding sixties to the hip-hop-dominated nineties and beyond?

One of them. That’s how many.

How George Clinton got from barbershop quartet to funk music megastar is a story for the ages. As a high school student he traveled to New York City, where he absorbed all the trends in pop music, from traditional rhythm and blues to Motown, the Beatles, the Stones, and psychedelic rock, not to mention the formative funk of James Brown and Sly Stone. By the dawn of the seventies, he had emerged as the leader of a wildly creative musical movement composed mainly of two bands—Parliament and Funkadelic. And by the bicentennial, Clinton and his P-Funk empire were dominating the soul charts as well as the pop charts. He was an artistic visionary, visual icon, merry prankster, absurdist philosopher, and savvy businessmen, all rolled into one. He was like no one else in pop music, before or since.

Written with wit, humor, and candor, this memoir provides tremendous insight into America’s music industry as forever changed by Clinton’s massive talent. This is a story of a beloved global icon who dedicated himself to spreading the gospel of funk music.


  1. Cosmo says:

    So psyched for the mothership coming around the Bend!

  2. Tracey says:

    I am soooooo excited! George Clinton is still one of the best shows I have ever seen. Can’t wait!

  3. Kent Hill says:

    The Greatest of all time!

  4. Kent Hill says:

    Bring back Michael Hampton and Black Bird! Maggot Brain and Dog Star Fly On!

  5. Jack Sirica says:

    See you at the Paramount on Long Island July 19!

    • biggdogg says:

      my brother george was here in rochester,n.y july 9 & brother let me tell you george and his new group put it down we jam with him for 2 and a haft hour they put it down fucking all night

  6. Raven Tilley says:

    This has been the slowest reading of book in my life! Being a P-Funk child all my life, I NEVER WANT IT TO END!!! It’s like sitting an talking with The master about everything I ever wanted to know about his genius. I have enjoyed reading all the parts where I came to know the music and the parallels to my life! It is a wonderful achievement and it’s as easy and casual as a sit down that’s personal with George Clinton. Thank you sir. Such a long time coming. I would like to see future books of photos and the artworks.

  7. Bret DuBack says:

    This is one of the funniest books I ever read. Sincere too. The way George got ripped off by the lawyer is so wrong! That guy should be jailed for the rest of his life. Every funkateer should chip in $10 just to help George fight that as hole in legal battle. Best to you George and Looking forward to seeing yu all again, and again… Think about doing a tour with bootsy and his rubber band again. Peace, Light & Love to all

  8. jay says:


    Bernie and I ask that you forward this to every single musician you know — to ALL P-Funk fans.

    We know that despite all the money that george has stolen from Bernie, we will never see one red cent. this sub-human (to THIS day) has never sent Bernie any money from the hundreds of thousands (millions?) he has stolen. We were incensed (to put it mildly) to see him at Bernie’s Benefit but we knew why: even george wouldn’t have withstood the maelstorm that would have come his way if he hadn’t shown up.

    So, here, as george says “there is no such thing as negative publicity”, let me help george out:
    Despite stealing Bernie’s hard earned money, he has NEVER returned one red cent; nor donated one red cent to Bernie’s cancer fight. Instead, he took advantage of the opportunity to get his blankety blank butt (I promised Bernie I would stick to facts and not call george the names I want to like jabba-da-hut — oops, sorry Bernie

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