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Lige Curry

Born Lige Grant Curry on February 7th in Flint, MI the eldest of 6 siblings. Lige developed a passion for music at a early age, influence at home by his mother being an avid music lover who played music all the time in the home which fueled his desire to be a part of the music industry. Starting out singing and playing guitar for his many aunts,uncles and grandparents he shortly picked up the bass guitar. Playing for the church was one of his early outlets, as well as performing for company at home. He would perform for all of them until it was time to go to bed. It was great! Blues, Pop and Gospel music filled his early learning years.

At the age of 10 years old the family moved to Cleveland, OH where life began anew, for a short time Lige lived with his cousin Mike in Cleveland and by the age of 13 years old Lige began to play bass guitar. After forming two separate bands the cousins decided to get together to form one group and added a drummer to complete the trio Lige switched to the bass. Playing any and every event that they encountered locally the band won many accolades as a local sensation. Soon they joined another local band to form The Electric Sparks Band which lead to a chance encounter with one of their musical hero’s at a after party given by a band member.

George Clinton and Parliament / Funkadelic attended the after party given by the band where they performed a Parliament / Funkadelic classic Maggot Brain which impressed Mr. Clinton. As Lige was still in high school and his cousin was about to graduate Michael Hampton was offered a job with Funkadelic first, who then became known as (Kid Funkadelic).

Upon his graduation from John Marshall High School in 1975 Lige studied his craft and in 1978 was asked to join Parliament / Funkadelic as a back- up singer, having to wait his turn Lige studied under former Parliament / Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins and Billy (Bass) Nelson as well as current bassist Rodney (Skeets) Curtis and Cordell (Boogie) Mosson. Opportunity knocked that same year when Skeets Curtis left to take a job with the famous Maceo Parker and Boogie Mosson moved over to guitar the door was open for the Lige Curry Adventure to begin!


  1. Hello Liege. I remeber first seeing you play in 1980 at Gary West Side High School when the Bar-Kays and the Brides of Funkinstien were touring with you. I’m glad to see you are still with the band. I’m a big fan of Starr Cullars also. Keep giving up the Funk. May god bless you and the band.

  2. Hi Lige. Hope all is well.
    Great show in Louisville last night!! I bought Organized Khaos & An Introspective. Can’t wait to give them a spin.
    Thanks again for bringing the funk to KY!!!

  3. Hey there;
    I am a friend of Shad and JoAnns’
    and met you at one of the Infamous Fish Fries…tho our ties go back further than I thought…I used to date Reginald Stewart awhile back, and met you long time ago while you guys were with Ed Sparks and the Electric Sparks, I still remember when Ed came in on a helicoptor at Woodhill Park!! That was AWESOME!!!… I’m now ggod friends with Dwayne Tiny Jones Sr, kenny Pettus, Michael Calhoun and many more….Wow…very small world, so glad to have made your aquaintance…

  4. Lige….you blew the roof off the sucker last night. Major league groove meister ….you held the mothership together under the queens bridge!

  5. We’re going to be in LA November 6th at the Mocrosoft Theater, hit me up when you get a chance 313 622 7098

  6. Didn’t get a chance to tell you that y’all jammed on the Tom Joyner that day, tried to catch you before you got off

  7. Was at the NAMM, sorry we couldn’t hook up. Saw Mike there and I gave him a business card to give you, stay in touch

  8. Most “consistent” of all the PF bassists. Plays all the styles the others made famous plus adds his own thump. Give up some funk for Lige a true PF All Star!

  9. Hi Lige,

    Hope you are well. It was good to see you in Seattle a few months back. Thanks for the curly fries Mr. Curry. I hope you liked the pix of us and I hope George got the pix of Darryl. Gmail me sometime. Lori from Seattle


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