Jerome brailey
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Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey

Brailey started performing around 1968 with the R&B group The Unifics continuing with The Five Stairsteps and The Chambers Brothers. Jerome played on the original studio recording of the classic R&B song, O-o-h Child by The Five Stairsteps later joining George Clinton’s P-Funk collective in 1975 and appeared on many of their most popular recordings. He co-wrote one of Parliament’s biggest hits, “Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)”, with George Clinton and Bootsy Collins. Samples from that body of work have since appeared on hundreds of hip hop and contemporary R&B songs. After leaving P-Funk in 1978 due to bad financial management decisions by George Clinton, Brailey started working closely with Glen Goins who also left the P-Funk unit and started production for the funk group Quazar featuring Kelvin Goins. Brailey and Glen Goins started working on the concept of Mutiny as they entered the final completion date for the Quazar album on Arista Records but Glen’s untimely death in 1978 placed Jerome in the position to finalize the production work on the Quazar album due to the fact that the album was not completed. After the Quazar album was completed, Brailey continued on with the concept and the group Mutiny was formed and sign to Columbia Records. Mutiny record and perform in a way not far removed from the classic P-Funk style, with emphasis placed on dual lead guitar work similar to other Funk & Rock bands. They released their debut album Mutiny on the Mamaship 1979, followed by Funk Plus the One in 1980. The first album was seen as very successful in musical terms, though some critics complained about the lack of originality. Brailey has appeared as a session drummer with a diverse group of artists, including Keith Richards, Bill Laswell, James Blood Ulmer, Dave Stewart, and Lucky Peterson.

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