Gordon Carlton

Gordon Carlton

GORDON CARLTON, Guitarist Gordon Carlton is one of Detroit’s most accomplished guitarists. He began playing guitar when he was nineteen years old. After many years of listening to his cousin play My Girl by The Temptations, he began his studies at the Joe Fava Music School and formed his own bands.

Gordon has been on the scene for over forty years and continues to work and live in the Big D.

Famous Quote: I wish everyone played guitar!

Favorite Guitarist: Pat Metheny

Early Bands: * Smokin’ Steam and Energy MC2 Session Work Includes: * Don Davis and P- Funk .

Toured with P-Funk from 1978-1980 as Music Director and Band Leader.

* Kevin Edwards of Level Rizon. * Aurora Harris, Poet Bands Include Work With: * Volume Knob * Amalgamated Funk * Lonnie Liston-Smith * Parliament * The Family * Cecil Womack * Pop Tube Famous Students: * Jimi and Jerome Ali * Carl Calloway * James Hill


  1. PRICE hey hey good evening cuz how r you .kinda miss ur guitar playing man

  2. Gordon, Dave here from Berkley Music, who hassled you today about Bucky Pizzarelli. I did look you up, like I said I would, & now I gotta hassle you even more !!! Look forward to seeing you soon. Much respect.


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