Cordell “Boogie” Mosson

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August 17, 2012
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Pedro Bell
August 17, 2012

Cordell “Boogie” Mosson

Cordell boogie mosson

Cordell boogie mosson

Cordell “Boggie” Mosson (October 16, 1952 – April 18, 2013)

Cordell “Boogie” Mosson (official name: Cardell Mosson[1]) was born October 16, 1952. A good friend of Garry Shider, the two left Plainfield, New Jersey in their teens to go to Canada. They joined a band called United Soul, which came to the attention of George Clinton, who had known Shider as a youth in Plainfield. In 1971 Clinton produced several tracks by United Soul with input from members of Funkadelic. The songs “I Miss My Baby” and “Baby I Owe You Something Good” were released as a one-off single by Westbound Records in 1971 under the group name U.S. Music with Funkadelic. All the tracks recorded with Clinton in 1971 were released by Westbound in 2009 as the album U.S. Music With Funkadelic. After producing United Soul, Clinton then invited Mosson and Shider to join Parliament-Funkadelic. Two United Soul songs were rerecorded on later Funkadelic albums with Mosson as a member.
Mosson was a prominent contributor to albums by both Funkadelic and Parliament from 1972 until the dissolution of the two groups in the early 1980s, and was the featured on-stage bassist for Parliament-Funkadelic after Bootsy Collins went solo. While Collins is more widely remembered as the P-Funk bassist, Mosson’s contributions were arguably as numerous and are well regarded by fans. Mosson also appeared in the movie PCU as himself, in 1994.
His name as spelled on his birth certificate is Cardell Mosson, and “Cordell” is a common misspelling in the notes for most of the Parliament-Funkadelic albums on which he appeared. Mosson is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic.


  1. Morris K. (Gospel Singer,but a funkateer) says:

    You are the Man! …………..Love you brother!

  2. mikeC says:

    rip – we love ya Boogie

  3. TL Shider says:

    I will always remember as a young boy Boog and Garry sitting at the kitchen table eating at our house.
    And every time I’d see him at the gigs all the love we shared ..just catching up with each other..
    All my Heros are gone but ill never forget what they poured into my life…

  4. Christian Imheuser says:

    R.I.P. Boogie

  5. Funkstarr says:

    Boogie was the TRUTH…a walking, breathing “ONE” unto himself. Im blessed to have known him personally & P-Funk wise, Boogie was an inspiration, gracious and REAL! Multi-talented musician and his liquidfied,tight basslines could take you beyond the ONE.Musta been the “French” in him. Boogie was always “uplifting”. That’s how i’ll remember him. Peace & Love to the Mosson family & Much Love,Respect & Thanx from Oakland. Rest In Power

  6. Lois of London says:

    Loved the bass – loved the man. – funky music still lives on x

  7. Gerald A. Baker says:

    One of the nicest persons I ever knew. Whenever he came to my house, we would go through all the albums I have, and laugh, drink, and joke. He considered my son Chase his nephew. He will be missed, but his memory in my family will last forever. Funk just got added to the choir in Heaven. Go with God Boogie, love always.

  8. Charlotte Mosson says:

    Condolences to our Lakewood, NJ family and his brother, Bishop Larry Mosson. The family of his late uncle, Willie Mosson Sr., send our “love and prayers”!

  9. James Woods says:

    I think he was the heartbeat of the funk. I saw him perform numerous times. I meet him once at the LIfeStyle Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio in 2005. I also remember seeing him perform during the mothership days when he wore the antler head piece with the large sunglass. He and Gary Shider will be missed. God bless the Mosson family.

  10. Gabrielle says:

    You will always be in my heart… and will be greatly missed. I have been blessed to have been your partner for a few years and our time together while in Europe or the US was always full of laughter and great complicity. May all you children and family be bless…especially Donna.. God bless you!

  11. Ronathan says:

    Who played bass on “All Your Goodies Are Gone?”

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