George Clinton Joins the HARMAN Professional Solutions Ambassadors Program

George Clinton and HARMAN Professional Solutions today announced that he has joined the HARMAN Professional Solutions Ambassadors program. The program gives George a powerful new platform to share his passion for HARMAN’S music and audio technology brands, JBL, AKG, Crown, and more.

“For me? It’s all about the music. When I’m on stage I need to connect with the people and they need to connect me. Without the right audio system I cannot make that connection and that’s why HARMAN’s gear is so important to me. I’ve been using AKG, Crown and JBL for decades, not only in my recording, but in my performances. I’m always asked, ‘why these brands for all these years?’ I didn’t know there was anything else. Being an Ambassador is a deeper way for me to be a part of the HARMAN family that I love.” – George Clinton

HARMAN will share exclusive content from George to showcase his music and help him connect with a massive worldwide network of HARMAN customers and music fans.
For more info, please visit: HARMAN Professional Solutions

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  1. And as a fan, we appreciate that effort. Tomorrow, Lafayette!!


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