George Clinton 75th Birthday Bash in Amsterdam Live Today on

Peep 3 generations of Funk : Funkadelic featuring Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar
March 27, 2016
George Clinton takes on the Catskill Chill Festival
August 2, 2016

George Clinton 75th Birthday Bash in Amsterdam Live Today on

20:30 CET
2:30 pm EDT
11:30 am PDT


  1. george dunmore says:

    happy bday

  2. Dennis says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Jan says:

    Great bash at the b/day, real party!

    Where could I find wich musicians were participating?

  4. Herbert says:

    The best party ever!!!! The first song sounded like an encore! So glad I went there. Next time again

  5. Anthony Robinson says:

    Happy B Day to you all happy birthday GC all the way from Chicago may you live your life like it’s golden this is from Tony Robinson the guy from Chicago that wears the chain with the many charms hope to see you soon

  6. david says:

    Luv Ya George…The FATHER of the FUNK….

  7. sheryll says:

    Happy Birthday. George. Love you. Hurry back to Hampton, VA. We need you.

  8. Wallace Briles says:

    Saw you in DC back in 76, along with War. You had to have seen us. The only 3 white in the hole place. And I still say that you guys were the prof romance live I have ever seen. HAPPY 75 BIRTHDAY.

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