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July 18, 2012
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July 18, 2012

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  1. lamont snoop thompson says:

    Is & will always b the shit.

  2. quainton dockett says:

    George,Bootsy and the whole pfunk i cannot get enough of this shit bouncing down st.louis streets with a smile on my face and my head shaking to sir nose D’voidoffunk.flashlight.Aqua Boogie and give up the funk. man this shit can save the world. after all these years these beats coming of these albums are still number one. thank you. George Clinton.

    • Stanley Moss says:

      Baddest motherfunkers/musicians of all time. Let’s give props to the females(Brides & Parlet also) Been funked up since 1974. My true idols. Dr. Funkenstein aka. GC, funk is and will always be the best music ever recorded. Extremely creative in every aspect.

  3. Mongo Malone says:

    thank you George Clinton for being an inspiration in my life, I’ve listened to all of your albums, and when I couldn’t get high I would get lifted. P-Funk, Uncut Funk, the Bomb! Happy B-day to the King of Funk!

  4. Kent Hill says:

    The best American band ever! Period! P Funk should/will be a separate style of music in itself. Even the lyrics are poetic.

  5. Roderick Bryant says:

    I will be P-Funk until the sun shits snowballs…

  6. kloseybud says:

    the best ever!

  7. mike p/funk hill says:

    The shit that want ever never quit

  8. Dee says:

    fiending 4 that Parliament album on the way…

    sho’ em how it’s really done…Pure Uncut Funk = P-FUNK..

  9. Dee says:

    New Funkadelic video iz on point…

  10. raymond jr says:

    love you and the band since high school,and that’s back since 1975.keep up the good work,love a true fan.

  11. Javiera Villalobos says:

    Hi George, I’m writing from Chile. I hope you come soon, you are the idol. Don’t forget this land, were you have a lot of fans. Greetings to every P-Funk member.

  12. Jj says:

    George, I cannot begin to tell you how much joy that you and Funkadelic have brought to my life. When I was younger my sister and I used to follow you whenever you were in the tri-state area. Fun times at the Apollo and watching the ship land on the Madison Square Garden stage. As the Director of a NYC program and I once took the whole place to Central Park to see you. Good roller skating music too. I’m old now, but still funkin to the Mothership Connection music. The last time I saw you, you were I Middletown, NY. I know you were close to Bernie and Prince, my condolences. I just want you to know that you are loved LOVED my brother and you will never be forgotten. Keep funkin. The world is better for the P Funk you have given the world.

  13. Roderick Bryant says:

    I think the times call for another P-Funk concept album…

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