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Guest Appearances :
1981 – “Work That Sucker To Death” (Xavier featuring George Clinton and Bootsy Collins; Point of Pleasure)
1985 – “American Ghost Dance” sang backing vocals with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their album Freaky Styley
1985 – “May The Cube Be With You” collaborated with Thomas Dolby and appeared in the music video for the song.
1985 – “Sun City” (Artists United Against Apartheid; Sun City)
1986 – “Magilla Gorilla” (from the Kurtis Blow album Kingdom Blow)
1990 – “We Can Funk” (from the Prince album Graffiti Bridge)
1991 – “Sons of the P” (from the Digital Underground album Sons of the P)
1991 – “Words & Music from da Lowlands” (from the Gotcha! album Words and Music from the lowlands)
1993 – “G-Funk Intro” (from the Snoop Doggy Dogg album Doggystyle)
1993 – “Tight” (from the MC Breed album The New Breed (album))
1994 – “PCU” (George Clinton)
1993 – “Bop Gun (One Nation)” (from the Ice Cube album Lethal Injection)
1994 – “P-Funk” (NBA Jam; Hidden Character)
1994 – “Funky Jam” / “Give Out But Don’t Give Up” / “Free” (Primal Scream; Give Out But Don’t Give Up)
1995 – “Blac Mermaid” (from the Society of Soul album Brainchild)
1997: Good Burger (Mental Patient/Dancer)
1998 – “Synthesizer” (from the Outkast album Aquemini)
1996 – “Can’t C Me” (from the 2Pac album All Eyez on Me)
1999 – “Get Naked” (from the Methods of Mayhem album Methods of Mayhem)
2001 – “Come With Me”, “The One” (from the Killah Priest album Priesthood)
2001 – “Speed Dreaming” (from the Warren G album The Return Of The Regulator)
2001 – “J.U.M.P.” (from the Redman album Malpractice)
2002 – “The Movie” (from the Too Short album What’s My Favorite Word?)
2005 – “Lotus Flower” (from the Blackalicious album The Craft)
2006 – “Uncle Speaks (Album Naration)” (from the Joi album Tennessee Slim Is the Bomb)
2006 – “Intrology” (from the Snoop Dogg album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment)
2006 – “The Doctor and the Kidd” (from the People Under the Stairs album Stepfather)
2007 – “Wolves”, “Tar Pit” (from the Wu-Tang Clan album 8 Diagrams)
2007 – “When the World is at Peace” (Masters of Funk & Blues feat. George Clinton & Bobby Taylor; A Soulful Tale of Two Cities)
2007 – “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” (Masters of Funk, Soul & Blues featuring George Clinton; A Soulful Tale of Two Cities)
2007 – “Night Out” (from the Lifesavas album Gutterfly)
2008 – “Up Again” (from the Bobby Digital album Digi Snacks)
2008 – “Hitler’s Brain” (from the Die Warzau album Vinyl88: Not the best of Die Warzau)
2009 – “There’s A Party” (from the N.A.S.A album The Spirit of Apollo)
2010 – “Fo Yo Sorrows” (from the Big Boi album Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty)
2010 – “Red Wine (Skit)” (From the Stevie Stone album New Kid Comin)
2010 – “Red Wine” (From the Stevie Stone album New Kid Comin)
2011 – “D-Funk (Funk With Us)” (from The Headhunters album Platinum)
(Source : wikipedia)


  1. Mr. Wiggles! Dr. Funkenstein! ALWAYS on the one!

  2. *GEORGE CLINTON* is #1!!!!


  4. Hello, George. I’m one of your biggest fans. I try to go each concert that comes to my town. I got turned on to P.funk in 1976 when I was about 12. A friend of mine name Kenny played Dr. Funkienstin and I have been hooked ever since. My wife Monica can’t believe I still listen to P.Funk. In Columbus, Ohio I always try to catch the shows at the Liftsyle Pavilion. I have seen you play at the Gary Gensis Center. You guys have even played at my high school at Gary West Side High. Keep funk alive. Also a shout out to the following heroes , Glen Goins, Eddie Hazel, Tiki Fulwood, Ray Davis, Belita Woods, Tyrone Lampkin, Mallia Franklin, Cordell Boogie Masson, and Gary Starchild Shider your sons Georgie Clinton Jr., and Darrel Clinton. May god bless you and the Clinton Family. I look forward to reading your new book.

  5. I met you 40 years ago…ya’ll came in and was so marveled by Madhouse, you pretty much took the heart beat of what funk we had with you. I ain’t mad at you though. It just goes to show, you know how to steal and have the folks you stole from thanking you for it. Holla at Gary, Peanut, Bennie, Skeats, Greg and da rest of dem. I’ll see you down the street on Feb. 18th

  6. …” situation is just that, it has no special power to do you harm. It’s the action that counts. THANKS GEORGE FOR THAT. 1974

  7. Since the recent passing of the music legend, Maurice White, it made me reflect on many of our funky heroes who have passed on. George , I just want you to know you are a living legend. You are truly one of the last funky heroes that are still standing. I’m a true fan of P.Funk. You should be honored at the next music awards weather it is BET, NAACP, Grammys, American Music Awards etc. You should also do a movie about your life. I loved your new book. Keep funk alive. P.S. I hope everything is OK with Kid Funkadelic. I heard he took some time off. I would like to know when you will performing in Columbus, Ohio.


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