Zapp – Zapp

Parlet - Play Me Or Trade Me
Parlet – Play Me Or Trade Me
May 23, 1980
Sweat Band ‎– Sweat Band
Sweat Band ‎- Sweat Band
November 24, 1980

Zapp – Zapp

Zapp - Zapp

01. More Bounce to the Ounce 9:25
02. Freedom 3:48
03. Brand New Player 5:51
04. Funky Bounce 6:46
05. Be Alright 7:52
06. Coming Home 6:34

Zapp is the self-titled debut album of Ohio P-Funk band Zapp. Released on July 30, 1980, the album features the popular hit “More Bounce to the Ounce,” which was featured in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack, and was sampled by EPMD, Snoop Dogg, The Notorious B.I.G, Twiztid, Brotha Lynch Hung, and Low Profile. There are six songs in the album which are approximately 6–9 minutes long. More Bounce to the Ounce was used by Dr. Dre in the Up In Smoke Tour in memory of Roger Troutman and not long after, he played “California Love” throughout 2000 in memory of Roger and Tupac Shakur. That was Roger Troutman’s last hit ever.

Some of the songs featured in the album like “Be Alright” would later on be sampled by West Coast rappers such as 2Pac in his song Keep Ya Head Up in 1993.

Bootsy Collins was asked about that important recording session: “George Clinton just happened to step into the studio this night and he really liked this one part that we had already re-did on ‘Funky Bounce’. He advised us to loop that section and put the other talk-box parts over it. At that time, this was considered a genius act, because you had to actually cut the tape and make the right cut, line it up and loop it. So let us not forget that Dr. Funkenstein was way ahead of his time as well.”
(Source : wikipedia)

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