Sativa - Jersey Girl
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September 08, 2003


Sativa – Jersey Girl

01. Something Stank (feat. George Clinton)
02. Hard As Steel
03. Envelope
04. Sativa
05. Greatest
06. Otherside (Get da F. Out)
07. Keep it Funkin
08. Grind
09. I Do, Dot This (feat. Kendra Foster)
10. Smoke a Lil Bit
11. Figure of Speech
12. Denial
13. Underground Angel

Sativa (a.k.a. The Cannibis Sativa Diva) is the grandchild of funk legend George Clinton and a member of his phenomenal touring group the P-Funk Allstars. Hailing from Newark, this Jersey Girl is no stranger to the big time. She’s already blazed stages worldwide with her funky family, including live performances at the Smokin’ Grooves Tour, BET, MTV, and the Grammy’s.

Funk legend George Clinton’s grandchild “Sativa” is stankadelic, dirty and nasty, and a whole lot of fun. This debut release contains her signature track “Somethin Stank and I Want Sum” featuring George Clinton.
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