Philippe Wynne ‎- Wynne Jammin’

Parliament - Trombipulation
Parliament – Trombipulation
December 5, 1980
Funkadelic - The Electric Spanking Of War Babies
Funkadelic – The Electric Spanking Of War Babies
April 14, 1981
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Philippe Wynne ‎- Wynne Jammin’

Philippe Wynne ‎– Wynne Jammin

01. Never Gonna Tell It
02. Put Your Own Puzzle Together
03. You Make Me Happy (You Got The Love I Need)
04. We Dance So Good Together
05. Hotel Eternity
06. Breakout
07. You Gotta Take Chances

Wynne Jammin’ is a 1980 album by Philippe Wynne, the former lead singer of the Spinners. It was the second album released on the Uncle Jam/CBS label, fronted by Parliament-Funkadelic leader George Clinton and his manager Archie Ivy. The album features many musicians from the P-Funk stable.

The album was produced by George Clinton, Ron Dunbar and Philippe Wynne. Wynne Jammin’ was reissued by CBS/Sony in Japan on 5/21/94, but quickly went out of print. The original album contained a lyric sheet.
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