Parliament – Up For The Down Stroke

Funkadelic - Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
Funkadelic – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
April 29, 1974
Parliament - Chocolate City
Parliament – Chocolate City
March 12, 1975

Parliament – Up For The Down Stroke

Parliament - Up For The Down Stroke

01. Up for the Down Stroke
02. Testify
03. The Goose
04. I Can Move You (If You Let Me)
05. I Just Got Back (From the Fantasy, Ahead of Our Time in the Four Lands of Ellet)
06. All Your Goodies Are Gone
07. Whatever Makes Baby Feel Good
08. Presence of a Brain
09. Up for the Down Stroke (Alternate Mix) *
10. Testify (Alternate Mix) *
11. Singing Another Song (Previously Unreleased) *

Bass: Cordell Mosson, William (Bootsy) Collins
Guitar: Eddie Hazel, Ron Bykowski, Gary Shider
Drums: Gary Bronson, Tiki Fulwood & The Man In The Box
Keyboards: Bernard Worrell
Whistles:: Peter Chase

George Clinton, Calvin Simon, Fuzzy Haskins, Grady Thomas, Raymond Davis, Gary Shider, Eddie Hazel

Up for the Down Stroke is an album by the American Funk band known as Parliament. It was the band’s second album (following 1970’s Osmium), and their first to be released on Casablanca Records. The album was released on July 3, 1974. The album’s title track was Parliament’s first chart hit and remains one of the most well-known P-Funk songs. The album also contains a funk reworking of The Parliaments’ song “(I Wanna) Testify” under the title “Testify”. The original title of the album was “Whatever Makes Baby Feel Good”, and the cover of the album featured group leader George Clinton hovering over a woman in distress, sporting a black wig and monster-type gloves.

“Up for the Down Stroke” is also notable in that it regenerates George Clinton’s professional relationship with bassist Bootsy Collins, who had taken a two year hiatus from the group. Bootsy would play a pivotal role in all of the Parliament albums released through Casablanca Records.
(Source : Wikipedia)

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