Parliament – Chocolate City

Parliament - Up For The Down Stroke
Parliament – Up For The Down Stroke
December 9, 1974
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Funkadelic – Let’s Take It To The Stage
April 21, 1975
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Parliament – Chocolate City

Parliament - Chocolate City

01. Chocolate City
02. Ride On
03. Together
04. Side Effects
05. What Comes Funky
06. Let Me Be
07. If It Don’t Fit (Don’t Force It)
08. I Misjudged You
09. Big Footin’
10. If It Don’t Fit (Don’t Force It) (Alternate Mix) *
11. I Misjudged You (Alternate Mix) *
12. Common Law Wife (Previously Unreleased) *

Bass: William Bootsy Collins, Cordell Mosson, Perkash John
Guitar: Gary Shider, William Bootsy Collins, Cordell Mosson
Drums: Tiki Fullwood, Tyrone Lampkin & The Man in the Box
Keyboards & Synthesizers: Bernie Worrell
Rhythm Arrangements: Bootsy Collins, George Clinton
Vocals: George Clinton, Calvin Simon, Fuzzy Haskins, Grady Thomas, Raymond Davis, Gary Shider, Eddie Hazel

Chocolate City is a 1975 album by the funk band Parliament. It was a “tribute to Washington D.C.”,[9] where the group had been particularly popular. The album’s cover includes images of the United States Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial in the form of a chocolate medallion, as well as sticker labeled “Washington DC”.
(Source : Wikipedia)