Parlet – Play Me Or Trade Me

Parliament - Gloryhallastoopid Or Pin The Tail Of The Funky
Parliament – Gloryhallastoopid (Or Pin The Tail On The Funky)
November 28, 1979
Zapp - Zapp
Zapp – Zapp
July 28, 1980

Parlet – Play Me Or Trade Me

Parlet - Play Me Or Trade Me

01. Help From My Friends 5:57
02. Watch Me Do My Thang 4:38
03. Wolf Tickets 8:58
04. Play Me Or Trade Me 5:00
05. I’m Mo Be Hittin’ It 4:52
06. Funk Until The Edge Of Time 4:46
07. Wonderful One 4:11

Play Me or Trade Me is the third and final studio album by the P-Funk spin off act Parlet. The album was released by Casablanca Records in 1980 and was produced by George Clinton and Ron Dunbar. Like many albums released by the label during this year, it would be totally ignored in terms of promotion due to the label being bought by Polygram Records (now Universal Music). The vocal line up for this album (Jeanette Washington, Janice Evans, and Shirley Hayden) remained the same as the previous album.

Play Me or Trade Me was reissued on CD in Japan on the Casablanca/Polystar label in 1992.
(Source : wikipedia)

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