George Clinton Family Series Vol. 5 - A Fifth Of Funk
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April 15, 1994


George Clinton’s Family Series Vol. 5 – A Fifth Of Funk

01. Parliament – Flatman and Bobin
02. Lonnie Greene – I Didn’t Know That Funk Was Loaded (Count Funkula)
03. Ron Ford – Thumparella (Oh Kay)
04. Jessica Cleaves – Eyes of a Dreamer
05. Phillippe Wynne – I Found You
06. Brides of Funkenstein – Ice Melting in Your Heart
07. Treylewd With Flastic Brain Flam – Clone Ranger
08. Bernie Worrell – Who Do You Love
09. Brides of Funkenstein – Up Up Up and Away
10. Junie Morrison – Can’t Get Over Losing You
11. Dr. Funkenstein & Brides Of Funkenstein – Rat Kissed the Cat
12. Funkadelic – Too Tight for Light
13. George Clinton, Diane Brooks & Funkadelic – Every Little Bit Hurts
14. George Clinton – The Final Thought – Interview

A Fifth of Funk is the fifth and final installment of the George Clinton Family Series collection by Parliament-Funkadelic collective members. The album was released in 1993 by P-Vine Records in Japan, and then was released later in the same year by AEM Records in the United States and Sequel Records in the United Kingdom. Compilation producer and P-Funk leader George Clinton gives his final thoughts about the tracks on the album, as well as his feelings on the entire Family Series project, for A Fifth of Funk’s final track. The title is a play on words of Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony, as well as Walter Murphy’s 1976 disco hit “A Fifth of Beethoven”.
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