George Clinton Family Series Vol. 3 - Plush Funk
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March 30, 1993


George Clinton’s Family Series Vol. 3 – Plush Funk

01. Funkadelic – May Day (S.O.S.)
02. Ron Dunbar – These Feets Are Made For Dancing
03. Sterling Silver Starship – Booty Body Ready For The Plush Funk
04. Jessica Cleaves – I Really Envy the Sunshine
05. Horny Horns – Lickety Split
06. Flo – Common Law Wife
07. Junie – Super Spirit
08. Brides Of Funkenstein – Love Don’t Come Easy
09. Tracey Lewis & Andre Foxxe – I Can’t Stand It
10. Ron Ford – The Monster Dance
11. Michael Hampton – We’re Just Funkers
12. George Clinton – Studio Memories [Interview]

Plush Funk is the second installment of the George Clinton Family Series collection. The album was released in 1992 by P-Vine Records in Japan, and then was released the next year by AEM Records in the U.S. and Sequel Records in the U.K.. The CD features the track “May Day (S.O.S)”, which was an outtake from the Funkadelic album “The Electric Spanking of War Babies”.

As with all of the Family Series CD’s, the last track features George Clinton supplying background information of all of the songs featured on the CD.
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