George Clinton Family Series, Vol. 2 - P Is The Funk
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February 16, 1993


George Clinton’s Family Series Vol. 2 – “P” Is The Funk

01. Funkadelic – Clone Communicado
02. Parliament – Does Disc Go With D.A.T. [Simon Says]
03. Jimmy G – Shove On
04. Ron Ford – Rock Jam
05. Brides of Funkenstein – Love Is Something
06. Parliament – Every Booty (Get on Down)
07. Trey Lewd – Personal Problems
08. Ron Ford – Bubblegum Gangster
09. Jerome & Jimmy Ali – She’s Crazy
10. Parlet & Brides – Think Right
11. Funkadelic – In the Cabin of My Uncle Jam [P Is the Funk]
12. Jessica Cleaves – My Love
13. George Clinton – Interview
14. George Clinton, Bootsy Collins – Commercials

P Is the Funk is the third installment of the George Clinton Family Series collection. The album was released in 1993 by P-Vine Records in Japan, and then was released later in the same year by AEM Records in the U.S. and Sequel Records in the U.K.. The album contains notable tracks such as the first song ever recorded by the Brides Of Funkenstein entitled “Love Is Something” featuring P-Funk lead guitarist Eddie Hazel, as well radio commercials for the Ultra Wave album by Bootsy Collins.

As with all of the Family Series CD’s, George Clinton supplies background information of all of the songs featured on the CD (Track 11).
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