George Clinton and P-Funk All Stars ‎- The Best
release date:

July 25, 1995


George Clinton & P-Funk All Stars ‎- The Best

01. May Day (S.O.S.) – Funkadelic
02. Live Up – Parliament
03. Clone Communicado – Funkadelic
04. Love Is Something – Brides Of Funkenstein
05. Off The Wall – Jessica Cleaves
06. Can’t Get Over Losing You – Junie Morrison
07. Michelle – Flastic Brain Flam
08. Lickity Split – Horny Horns
09. I Can’t Stand It – Tracey Lewis and Andre Foxxe
10. Sunshine Of Your Love – Funk
11. Every Little Bit Hurts – George Clinton, Diane Brooks, and Funkadelic

The Best is a compilation album by George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. The album was released in 1995 by P-Vine Records in Japan and features various tracks that were originally released on the George Clinton Family Series CDs. Unlike the Family Series CDs, “The Best” has never been released outside of Japan and does not feature commentary from George Clinton.
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