George Clinton Family Series Vol. 1 - Go Fer Yer Funk
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September 15, 1992


George Clinton Family Series Vol. 1 – Go Fer Yer Funk

01. Parliament – Go Fer Yer Funk 9:52
02. Sterling Silver Starship – Funk It Up 8:46
03. Ron Dunbar – These Feets Are Made For Dancin’ (Foot Stranger) 4:12
04. Jessica Cleaves – Send A Gram 5:32
05. Sly Stone – Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are (Demo) 1:33
06. Andre Foxxe – Better Days 4:10
07. Bootsy Collins – The Chong Show 5:07
08. Traylewd’s Flastic Brain Flam* – Michelle 12:24
09. Funkadelic – Sunshine Of Your Love 5:33
10. George* – Storytime With George “The Archeological Dig” 12:14

Go Fer Yer Funk is the first installment of the George Clinton Family Series collection. The album was released in 1992 by P-Vine Records in Japan, and then was released the next year by AEM Records in the U.S. and Sequel Records in the U.K.. The Family Series were designed to present previously unreleased recordings done by various bands in the Parliament-Funkadelic musical stable. The first CD is notable in that it features the title cut “Go Fer Yer Funk” which originally featured a collaboration between P-Funk and Funk legend James Brown.

The final track on all of the Family Series CDs features commentary from George Clinton on the background of each track. All of the Family Series CDs were also available on limited edition vinyl.
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