Funkadelic ‎- Greatest Hits 1976-1981
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February 03, 1998


Funkadelic ‎- Greatest Hits 1976-1981

01. One Nation Under A Groove
02. Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll)
03. Comin’ Round The Mountain
04. Cosmic Slop
05. Electro Cuties
06. Uncle Sam
07. Funk Gets Stronger (Killer Millimeter Longer Version)
08. The Electric Spanking Of War Babies
09. Knee Deep (Not Just)
10. Smokey
11. Freak Of The Week
12. Into You
13. Oh I
14. Soul Mate
15. Icka Prick
16. Maggot Brain (Live)

16 of the band’s best from 1976-1981, all digitally remastered, including fascinating live renditions of ‘MaggotBrain’ & ‘Cosmic Slop’, plus the original full length versions of ‘Uncle Jam’, ‘Funk Gets Stronger’, ‘The ElectricSpanking Of War Babies’ and ‘One Nation Under A Groove’. Comes packaged as two CDs in separate, standard jewel cases within a color, thick, cardboard slipcase. 1998 Charly release. The full title is ‘The Very Best Of Funkadelic 1976-1981’.
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