Eddie Hazel ‎- Rest In P
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September 10, 1994


Eddie Hazel ‎- Rest In P

01. Until It Rains
02. Beyond Word and Measure
03. Relic ‘Delic (Purple Hazel)
04. Straighten Up
05. Juicy Fingers
06. We Three
07. Why Cry?
08. We Are One
09. No, It’s Not!
10. Until It Rains” (Reprise)

Rest in P is a 1994 posthumous album release by Parliament-Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel. The album was released by P-Vine records in Japan and is composed of previously unreleased tracks recorded by Eddie Hazel between 1975 and 1977. The album features musical support from various members of the P-Funk stable.

Alternate recordings of four tracks from Rest in P with different titles were also featured on the Jams From The Heart EP and were included as bonus tracks on Rhino Records’ 2004 limited-edition reissue of Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs.

Despite being heavily sought after by collectors, Rest In P has never been released outside of Japan.
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