Drugs ‎- The Prescripton For Mis-America - R-X Un-Cut
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August 17, 2004


Drugs ‎- The Prescripton For Mis-America – R-X Un-Cut

01. Brain on Drugs 7:00
02. Never Ever 2:32
03. Strung Out 3:13
04. Jealousy 3:32
05. Mis-America 5:16
06. Daddy’s Got a Secret 4:03
07. Alabama 2:31
08. Breathe 3:41
09. Sanitation Engineer 0:30
10. Deep Down in the Dumps 3:20
11. Strangest Life 4:40
12. I Wonder If 5:15
13. Freedom Came 7:38
14. Cold Hearted World 3:00
15. Lethal Lew Speaks Out 0:32
16. Keeps You Runnin’ 4:49
17. Grace 2:38

What do you get when the worlds greatest funk band collides head on with the Woodstock Nation?

Drugs: The Mis-Americans, (Rx) a band with a critically acclaimed debut album and an underground reputation for a live show that rivals the best on the jam band circuit.

Rx sprung from P Funk’s frontman Mike Clip Payne’s collaboration with Woodstock’s Robert Chicken Burke and Adam Widoff (Toshi Reagon’s Big Lovely), that grew to include an all-star cast of musicians. Joe Eppard of 3, Jeremy Bernstein of Stoney Clove Lane, Stephanie McKay ( Mos Def, ) and Parliament Funkadelic’s Lige Curry and Garry “Starchild” Shider (R n R Hall of Fame 97)

Their debut album, The Prescription for Mis-America was praised for
“reviving the psychedelic sound of the 60’s but mixing it with a touch of Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield to create their own sound, not a parody of those who came before.” ushering in the Psychedelic Soul Revolution. P funk fan mags have described it as “take[ing] up where the 1972 Funkadelic classic America Eats Its Young leaves off.”

The bands live performances are legendary. They debuted in Europe at the worlds largest new music festival, the Transmusicales and are the only band in the festivals thirty year history to be asked to play past their 45 minute time slot. Closing the first night with a 90 minute set that the international journal Le Monde called “the festivals highlight!”

DRUGS has toured with Parliament/Funkadelic in the United States and Europe. The band made an appearance at Super Bowl 39 in Jacksonville Florida on Super Sunday as part of the Offical ESPN/NFL Tailgate Party Band. Joining with the 420 Funk Mob and performing under the politically correct banner WEFUNK FM on a st age set up in the stadiums parking lot.

DRUGS traveled to Heidelberg Germany as part of the WEFUNK Entertainment showcase event at the Audiosoul Festival. The 420 Funk Mob with special guests DRUGS, George Clinton and Fred Wesley were joined by 6000 fan for a very special show set in the courtyard of the 1200 year old ruins of the famed Heidelberg Castle

In 2006 the band took part in a special Halloween concert at Sirius Satellite Radio They were the first band to perform live on the stations first day of WORLD WIDE INTER NET BROADCASTING and finished out the week with a CMJ Showcase at New York City’s Crash Mansion.

DRUGS turned out Midem 2008. Over twelve hundred people jammed into the new music tent causing officials at the Music Industries annual International conference to turn people away at the gate. The show was such a hit the band was yet again given permission to play past the curfew.

The new DRUGS craze sweeping across Europe and the United States is heading for your neighborhood!

Band Members :
Mike Clipadelic Payne (Pfunk)
Garry Starchild Shider (Pfunk)
Lige Curry (Pfunk)
Adam Widoff (Big Lovely)
Chicken Burke (Big Lovely)
Joey Eppard (3)
J. Bernstein (StoneClove)
Stephanie McKay(McKay)
Fred Cash Jr (Big Lovely)
Jen Leigh(Kelis/ Melvin Seals)
Rickey Rouse (Pfunk)
Danny Bedrosian (Pfunk)

more info on discogs.com or on wefunk.com


  1. Hey Everyone,
    We are very proud to have made this album.
    It went into obscurity the Month it was originally released.
    Enjoy It!!!

    • I was at a Clinton concert and before the show they were playing this album. I was saying this sounds like the old funkadelics but didn’t know the songs I was hearing but it was getting to me like funkadelic gets to me. I went to the t-shirt table and asked what I was hearing. they showed me this album and I bought it on the spot! I still play it today.Waiting for the next one

  2. an absolute classic….been on the mothership since ’round ’72, and after hearing this, along with toys, and u.s. music….the calendar just seemed to roll back….i have the same cancer that took Garry from us, but i feel the whole p-funk crew is out there somewhere after buying this……there HAS to be more stuff….no more compilations…but “new” P-Funk…..Westbound….Warners….even check George’s closets at home……find more…again…A+++++ music

  3. This album needs Vinyl!!


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