Drugs ‎- A Prescription For Mis-America
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August 16, 2001


Drugs ‎- A Prescription For Mis-America

01. Strung Out 3:12
02. Strangest Life 4:37
03. Daddy’s Got A Secret 4:02
04. Cold Hearted World 3:00
05. Brain On Drugs 6:59
06. Jealousy 3:31
07. I Wonder If 5:22
08. Alabama 2:29
09. The Man 2:46
10. Mis America 5:16
11. Breathe 3:40
12. Lew Speaks Out 5:42

In this Digital Computer Age, the band DRUGS with their unique blending of Psychedelic Rock, Soul and Rhythm and Blues have stepped back in time to capture a sound that had all but disappeared from the music scene. The new super group features P-Funk’s Mike Clip Payne, Lige Curry, Garry Shider, along with Robert Chicken Burke and Adam Widoff of Toshi Reagon’s Band, 3’s Joey Eppard, Stephanie McKay, and Jen Leigh from Michael Jackson.

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