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Peep 3 generations of Funk : Funkadelic featuring Ice Cube and Kendrick Lamar



The new Funkadelic record is out

It is avalaible online and will be out by year’s end in stores

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George Clinton discusses his book in NYC @ Schomburg Center

George Clinton Interview on Good Day LA

George Clinton on Fox 11 Los Angeles with Steve Edwards & Lisa Breckenridge. “I was hard when I started, I’ll be hard when I get through!” Check out the rest of the interview here:

Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard on You ?

The long-awaited memoir from one of the greatest bandleaders, hit makers, and most influential pop artists of our time—known for over forty R&B hit singles—George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic.

Street Date : October 21, 2014

George Clinton began his musical career in New Jersey, where his obsession with doo-wop and R&B led to a barbershop quartet—literally, as Clinton and his friends also styled hair in the local shop—the way kids often got their musical start in the ’50s. But how many kids like that ended up playing to tens of thousands of rabid fans alongside a diaper-clad guitarist? How many of them commissioned a spaceship and landed it onstage during concerts? How many put their stamp on four decades of pop music, from the mind-expanding sixties to the hip-hop-dominated nineties and beyond?

One of them. That’s how many.

How George Clinton got from barbershop quartet to funk music megastar is a story for the ages. As a high school student he traveled to New York City, where he absorbed all the trends in pop music, from traditional rhythm and blues to Motown, the Beatles, the Stones, and psychedelic rock, not to mention the formative funk of James Brown and Sly Stone. By the dawn of the seventies, he had emerged as the leader of a wildly creative musical movement composed mainly of two bands—Parliament and Funkadelic. And by the bicentennial, Clinton and his P-Funk empire were dominating the soul charts as well as the pop charts. He was an artistic visionary, visual icon, merry prankster, absurdist philosopher, and savvy businessmen, all rolled into one. He was like no one else in pop music, before or since.

Written with wit, humor, and candor, this memoir provides tremendous insight into America’s music industry as forever changed by Clinton’s massive talent. This is a story of a beloved global icon who dedicated himself to spreading the gospel of funk music.

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Watch The Mothership Get Reassembled For Its Museum Debut

The Mothership landed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2011 after Kevin Strait, project historian for the museum, acquired it to anchor the museum’s inaugural “Musical Crossroads” exhibition. Under the direction of Bernie Walden, a former stage and lighting designer for Parliament-Funkadelic, the Mothership was recently reassembled and videotaped in all of its galactic glory.

Read more: Smithsonian Mothership

NPR Radio interview with George Clinton

National Public Radio Interview with George Clinton.

Main broadcasts are :
WNYC – New York City – 93.9 FM – Sunday March 16 at 6pm
KPCC – Los Angeles – 89.3 FM – Saturday March 15 at 3pm
WNJY – New Jersey – 89.3 FM – Sat March 15 at 10am, Sun March 16 at 6pm
WHYY- Philadelphia – 90.9 FM – Friday March 14 at 9pm
KUHF – Houston 88.7 FM – Thursday March 13 at 8pm
WFSU – Tallahassee 88.9 FM – Sunday March 16 at 9pm


George Clinton Live from Metropolis Studios

Get on board for the mother of all Mothership Connections. This is your chance to go on a wild ride inside the mind and music of P-Funk genius George Clinton. You’ll see Parliament-Funkadelic in action, meet George Clinton and the band, and get the inside track on the influences and inspirations behind Parliament-Funkadelic’s most iconic songs in this exclusive weekend event at Metropolis Studios.
The event kicks off with the best possible start to any weekend: a riotous show led by Clinton himself, featuring members of classic Parliament-Funkadelic. The evening offers a unique opportunity to watch the band record a full set of their greatest material for a forthcoming DVD and TV special, in front of an intimate audience.
Saturday night is the ultimate treat for funk-loving audiophiles, as the band record a super-limited edition album direct to vinyl in Metropolis, one of the only studios on the planet equipped for recording live to vinyl – the highest possible quality form of recording there is. You’ll sit in on rehearsals and witness how the magic is made. You’ll see how the Metropolis engineers and Producers capture lightning on lacquer, and get an up-close look at George and the band’s musical brilliance.
Finally, on Sunday, George Clinton provides mind food for budding producers, musicians and curious funk fans alike, as he deconstructs the original multitracks of some of P-Funk’s greatest works to reveal the studio secrets of how one of the tightest, wildest and most experimental bands in the universe put together their legendary jams.
Every guest will be treated like a VIP, and different ticketing tiers provide all kinds of amazing extras, including private signing sessions with George Clinton, private box seating with waiter service, a tour of the legendary Metropolis studios, and even the opportunity to get your name in the credits for the new live album and DVD. Individual tickets are available for each event – or, you can also experience this monumental weekend in funk history in full. Silver, gold and full weekend ticket packages are available now.
“We can’t wait to land the mothership on Metropolis Studios in London!” – George Clinton
“George is a legend and we’re delighted that he has decided to make history at Metropolis with the George Clinton weekender,” says Ian Brenchley, CEO of Metropolis. “ Funkadelic are the perfect outfit for a live vinyl cut and I expect the gig to be crazy!”
“This is an amazing opportunity for fans to see one of the great innovators of funk in action,” said Malcolm Dunbar, President of PledgeMusic Europe. “The quality of great artists such as George Clinton that are choosing to work with PledgeMusic to is testament to the strength of our ever expanding worldwide community of music lovers.”
Gold and Silver ticket options available from:

Metropolis Weekender

For more information, please contact Matt Hamilton at Metropolis.